Safely reopening Marin County from COVID-19

School Services

Current Status

Marin’s status on the Blueprint for a Safer Economy means K-12 schools are eligible for reopening at least some in-person instruction. This means schools no longer need apply for a waiver through Marin Public Health (with approval from California Department of Public Health).  This applies to all public, private, parochial and independent schools.

All schools that wish to reopen to site-based classroom learning in some capacity must complete a School Site-Specific Protection Plan, incorporating the guidelines listed below under “Reopening Guidelines.” The decision and timing of when to open rests with each school and school district, and schools are not required to open if not ready. 

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has confirmed that if Marin County were to move back to Tier 1 status, schools that have reopened at some level are not required to close. However, schools that have not reopened at the time of transition to Tier 1 would have to remain closed to in-person instruction until Marin County returns to and retains Tier 2 status for at least 14 days. 

Reopening Guidelines

Each school must complete and implementSchool Site-Specific Protection Plan (SSSPP) prior to reopening. The SSSPP template combines state-level guidance published in the California State Resilience Roadmap and local Marin County public health policies. 

Since March, Marin County Public Health and Marin County Office of Education have been working together with local school districts, public, private, parochial and independent schools to rethink school and prepare for a safer return to in-person instruction. In June, MCOE and Public Health issued guidelines for re-opening, which include enhanced health and safety practices, training, and surveillance testing.  

More Information

If guidelines change, or new guidelines become available, this webpage will be updated.   In the interim, please sign up to receive notifications when business protocols and other information about business reopening is available.

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