Safely reopening Marin County from COVID-19

Reopening Marin County

A plan for a safe, scaled reopening of Marin County

The State of California acknowledges reopening will be phased in gradually. Some communities may move faster if they are able to show greater progress in public health outcomes.

California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy  is our roadmap for reopening and has criteria for loosening and tightening restrictions on activities based on the level of spread of COVID-19.

Marin County’s COVID-19 response is divided into three broad phases. Each phase has criteria that must be met before moving to the next phase to continue our successful mitigation of COVID-19 while building the infrastructure needed to move forward. This outlines our process to engage our community as we take steps to rebuild. You can also check our progress and get an overview of Marin's business reopenings to date.

Phase II - Sequential Opening
  1. Cases and hospitalization rates are stable or declining
  2. Adequate COVID-19 testing capacity
  3. Perform timely contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine
  4. Medical facilities are able to handle surge
  5. Establish a timely and accurate monitoring system
  6. Capacity to practice COVID-19 safety adaptions in all sectors
  1. Strengthen Self Measures
  2. Closely Monitor Community Health
  3. Progressive return to activities and

Enough immunity must be present in the community through natural immunity or immunization to allow unrestricted activity across all domains. Given COVID-19’s prevalence in the community, this phase will take time to achieve.

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