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Frequently Asked Questions – Effective September 2, 2020


Childcare establishments and Youth Programs may open for operations. Each business must create, adopt, and implement a written COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan (the SSP template is available online at that incorporates and addresses all applicable State guidance.  Youth Programs that include youth sports may only operate consistent with the State guidelines.

Can youth travel out of state or out of the county to play a game or tournament for any sports?  

No. At this time, the State Guidance indicates that game and tournament play is not permitted for any sports. In addition to prohibiting game and tournament play in this County, this also means that a youth living in Marin County or a Marin sports team should not travel to another County or State to participate in a game or tournament. Violation of this guidance could result in citations, including fines, being issued.

Are indoor youth sports, such as gymnastics, allowed under the new Childcare and Youth Programs Guidelines?

Youth sports will be permitted to operate under the Childcare and Youth Guidelines and all applicable state guidance. Please visit the State Industry Guidance page to see what restrictions are in place, including capacity limits, based on our current tier level in the Blueprint for a Safer Economy.

How many children can attend a Childcare group or Youth Program?

Childcare and Youth Programs must be carried out in stable groups consistent with the State’s Guidance for Small Cohorts and Groups of Children and Youth.  At this time the State’s Guidance requires stable groups to be 14 or fewer children. Children from the same family or household unit should be included in the same group, to the greatest extent possible.

Can my child attend simultaneous Childcare or Youth Programs?

Children may not attend more than two Childcare establishments or Youth Programs simultaneously.

Can children participate in both study groups and sports? Would this be considered doubling up on allowed cohorts?

Children may attend no more than two Childcare establishments or Youth Programs simultaneously.

What if I have multiple children in my household who want to attend different summer camps or sports camps?

Children from the same family or household unit should be included in the same group, to the greatest extent possible.

Do children need to wear masks at Childcare Establishments or Youth Programs? Are masks mandatory or recommended for physical activity?

Children over the age of 2 should wear cloth face coverings to reduce the risk for transmission if the parent and provider determine they can reliably wear, remove, and handle masks following CDC guidance throughout the day. Children under 12 wearing a cloth face covering shall always be actively monitored by Personnel.

Do Childcare and Youth Program Personnel need to wear masks or face coverings while teaching?

 Yes. Personnel must wear a facial covering over their nose and mouth unless specifically exempted from doing so by the Health Officer’s Order for Face Coverings.

Are we able to hold outdoor group activities? Can we run outdoor classes for our students?

Yes. Do as many activities outdoors as possible; create outdoor activities where you can provide wider spacing opportunities. Sports with shared equipment or physical contact, like soccer, basketball, baseballs, softball, and tennis, can only be played within the same stable group of 14 or fewer children.

All equipment used by participants or Personnel must be sanitized daily at minimum.

Are children required to social distance while engaging in sports?

For sports that cannot be conducted with sufficient distancing or cohorting, only physical conditioning and training is permitted and ONLY where physical distancing can be maintained. Conditioning and training should focus on individual skill-building (e.g., running drills and body weight resistance training) and should take place outside, where practicable.

Can children engage in (school or league) team sports? Is contact/scrimmaging/games allowed?

Sports that cannot be played with sufficient distancing and cohorting are not permitted. In addition, outdoor and indoor sporting events, assemblies, and other activities that require close contact or that would promote congregating are not permitted at this time. For example, tournaments, events, or competitions, regardless of whether teams are from the same school or from different schools, counties, or states are not permitted at this time.

Do we need to ensure social distancing of 6 feet as the recommended distance for physical activity?

Facilities and Personnel must follow all existing guidelines to prevent the spread of infection, such as social distancing when it is feasible in a childcare setting.

Can multiple Childcare groups and Youth Programs operate in the same facility at the same time?

Stable groups shall not mix with other stable groups, and to the greatest extent possible groups shall not change rooms within the facility. If groups do need to change rooms within a facility, Personnel shall sanitize each room being utilized by a new group of children prior to the children moving into that room.

What if my Childcare and/or Youth Program has shared rooms and facilities?

Shared rooms or spaces within a facility, such as restrooms or outdoor play yards, should be divided up to the greatest extent possible so that different groups of children have access to designated portions of such spaces. To the extent this is not possible, such spaces must be sanitized after use by any one group of children and before another rotates in. No two groups may be in a shared or common space at the same time.

What are the guidelines/best practices my Youth Program must adopt to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for our patrons?

Youth Programs and Childcare facilities should follow the applicable State’s Guidance, which includes the following:

What if our Youth Program operates at a swimming pool?

Youth Programs that require access to a pool may contract with private or public outdoor pools otherwise closed under the Shelter in Place Order in order to provide such access for Youth Program participants, and pools otherwise closed under the Shelter in Place Order may allow access to Youth Program participants and Personnel exclusively.

Only one stable group of 14 children may be in a pool at any given time and, just as with any other room or area into which groups of children are rotating, all equipment and surfaces touched by one group of children must be sanitized before another group may be permitted to enter.

How should parents/guardians safely drop off children for Youth Programs and Childcare?

To maintain physical distancing, arrival and dismissal times should be staggered.  Parents/guardians should also avoid carpooling to and from the Childcare Establishment or Youth Program.

What should the facility provide to ensure safe sign-in and sign-out for parents/guardians?

Hand sanitizer or hand washing facilities should be provided before and after families sign in and out. Parents/guardians should bring their own pens when signing children in and out. If check-in is electronic, clean and disinfect the screens or keyboards frequently.

Are parents allowed to watch the class (at a distance)?

No, at this time parents and other spectators and visitors are not allowed at childcare establishments or youth programs.  Parents/Guardians shall drop off and pick up children at staggered times to prevent congregating of any groups of parents/guardians.

How can Childcare facilities and Youth Programs have a safe snack/meal time for children?

Meals and snacks can be provided in compliance with the State’s Guidance and the facility should ensure the following:

  • Set up the eating spaces to maximize space between children.
  • Practice proper hand washing before and after eating.
  • Use paper goods and disposable plastic utensils when possible.
  • Meals should be pre-portioned or pre-packaged and distributed by a teacher.

What happens if a child shows signs of sickness?

Children must stay home when they are sick. If a child has a new cough or other illness symptoms, they may not come to the Childcare Establishment or Youth Program even if they have no fever.  It is not uncommon for people, including children, with COVID-19 to have cough without fever, especially early in the course of illness. If a child show signs of respiratory illness (a new cough, complaints of sore throat, or shortness of breath), a fever of 100°F or above, they should enter a separate room, or be safely isolated with Personnel, and must be sent home as soon as possible.

Can supervising adults oversee more than one cohort?

To the extent practicable, supervising adults should be assigned to one cohort.

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