Marin is open, with some restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions – Curbside Library Services

Can Libraries open for curbside services?

Yes. First however, each Curbside Retailer must create, adopt, and implement a written COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan (a Site-Specific Protection Plan template is available online at that incorporates and addresses all applicable Best Practices included in this guidance.

Can Libraries open to allow patrons inside the building?

No. All library buildings and facilities must remain physically closed to the public, but Curbside Library Services may begin delivering requested materials to patrons either via curbside service or by mail.

How do patrons browse through books and other Library materials to check out?
Library items may not be displayed on the sidewalk or outside of the building. Patrons should utilize online library services or call their local library branch for services.

Does Library staff have to wear masks and/or other PPE to serve the public?

Yes. Library Personnel must wear masks as required by the Health Officer Order on Face Coverings, gloves, and strictly comply with all Social Distancing Requirements when inside the library preparing materials for mailing or pickup and while outside the building delivering materials curbside.

How can Library staff and patrons stay safe when books and other library materials include high-touch objects?

Library materials must be provided to patrons in one or more enclosed single use bags at designated times or by appointment. Library items may not be handled or touched during curbside transactions.

Library Personnel must clean book drop handles regularly throughout the day and encourage patrons through signage to be diligent about handwashing after opening book drops.

Patrons will be directed to place curbside returns in bins; these bins shall then be moved inside the library and quarantined for 72 hours.

Do Library staff and patrons have to practice social distancing during curbside transactions?

Yes. Personnel and patrons will maintain at least six feet social distancing with no physical contact. Social distancing will be enforced using signs and markings on the sidewalk.

What steps do Libraries need to take to ensure that books and other materials are safe for handling?

Any Library materials returned at curbside or through the mail should be deposited in designated return areas by patrons or Personnel, then quarantined for 72 hours.

Quarantine length may be adjusted based on changes to industry standards and/or pending results from studies from the Institute on Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the library professional community.

  • After quarantine, materials will be checked in by library staff using appropriate PPE and in compliance with all Social Distancing Requirements.
  • Materials will be placed in bins, dated, and stored.
  • Materials will be organized by date, preferably in open air.
  • Materials returned on the same day will be kept together on carts, tables, etc., with a date label attached
  • No materials shall leave the library prior to the end of the 72 hour quarantine period.
  • Delivery drivers may no longer sort materials in the truck.
  • Sorting of combined material bins will be handled at MARINet headquarters.
  • No materials will be moved between libraries unless they have been quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours.
  • Patrons should be notified that the check-in of their returned materials will be delayed due to quarantining via systemwide messaging.
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