Safely reopening Marin County from COVID-19

Phase II: Sequential Reopening

As the County of Marin meets the criteria to move beyond Phase I, we must implement a framework to safely and progressively reopen with new adaptations for all sectors, where we live, work and play.

Factors for Safe and Sustained Reopening

Simple measures can powerfully reduce risk of infection. As activities are allowed to resume, these precautions must remain in place.

Physical Distancing:

Whenever possible, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between individuals.

Facial Covering in Public:

Use of cloth facial covering while in public.

Personal Hygiene:

Frequent cleaning of hands, avoiding touching face, sanitize surfaces frequently.

Detailed and real-time monitoring of community health indicators, allowing for the public health officer to adjust guidance as needed.

Local Health Care Coordination:

Local health care partners engaged to assist public health officer in assessing health impact and determination of safety of staged re-opening. Process and metrics published at regular intervals.

To carefully re-open, we must describe risk in each sector or industry and develop processes to minimize those risks. Within Phase II, starting with lowest risk activities, each moves toward reopening based on established safety criteria, assessed at 2-week intervals.

Establish set of COVID-19 safety standards

Operational criteria that would be needed to safely resume an activity or industry.

Plan for Modified Operations

Coordinate with industry advisors to create recommended operational standards by industry and aid organizations in meeting the criteria. Share launch plans on Marin Recovers.

Monitor and Adjust

Continually monitor data and COVID-19 safety standards to determine which activities and industries can be safely reopened or may need to be limited again based on COVID-19 activity.

The state of COVID-19 in Marin plays an important role in the reopening of our economy.  We must meet certain public health thresholds to reopen certain types of business in order to protect the safety of both employees and business customers.  Both the State of California and Marin County are monitoring key indicators which will help inform the extent we can continue to move away from the shelter in place order. View the progress indicators

Steering Committee

Agency / OrganizationRepresentative(s)
County Board of SupervisorsDennis Rodoni, Katie Rice
Marin Economic ForumMike Blakeley
Small Business Development CenterMiriam Hope Karell
Marin County Council of Mayors and CouncilmembersKate Colin, Brian Colbert
Chambers of CommerceJoanne Webster
Dominican UniversityDr. Yung-Jae Lee
Marin Managers AssociationAdam Politzer, Dan Schwarz
Downtown Novato Business AssociationStephanie Koehler

Marin Recovers Industry Advisors

A safe and measured re-opening process will require unprecedented collaboration of health care leaders, industry, and government. United, we can forge new lines of communication that allow timely coordination, real-time data monitoring and a common path forward.

Industry Advisors, Health Care Professionals, and the Public Health Officer Working together to safely Reopen Marin.

Public Health Officer:

Determines whether indicators for moving forward have been met. Makes decisions regarding measures to protect the public health of Marin County.

Local Health Care Coordination:

A comprehensive set of public health sector and patient populations.

  1. Recommends permissible activities and industries based on transmission risk factors
  2. Provides guidance criteria for re-opening
  3. Supports and consults with the Marin Recovers Industry Advisors
  4. Reviews proposed operational standards (as requested)

Marin Recovers Industry Advisors:

Lead by the Board of Supervisors, groups of industry, community, health care, and work-force leaders provide a connection for the public health officer to operationalize measures across all activities and industries.

Industry work groups: 5-8 people per group provide recommendations about how an industry could open in compliance with health officer order, and support organizations in planning and implementing recommendations. Groups are diverse in membership, including members who represent both small and large organizations within an individual industry, as well as trade associations.

  1. Agriculture
  2. Arts Sector
  3. Construction
  4. Faith Based Organizations
  5. General Office Space (e.g., industrial, tech, etc.)
  6. Hotels, Motels & Hospitality
  7. Libraries
  8. Parks & Outdoor Recreation
  9. Personal Services
  10. Real Estate
  11. Restaurants
  12. Retail
  13. School Services
  14. Summer Camps & Youth Activities
  15. Transportation

Re-Opening Workflow

  1. Industry work groups are formed with identified team leads, selecting 5-8 industry representatives to provide input, and establishing time frame for developing proposals. Industry work groups develop recommendations for criteria for safely resuming an activity or industry.
  2. Industry work groups outreach to businesses to educate and implement modified operational plans.
  3. Marin Recovers steering committee presents a recovery plan to the Board of Supervisors for adoption.
  4. Public Health Officer determines which activities and industry sectors can resume based on transmission risk factors.
  5.  Individual organizations resume operations per established guidance.
  6. Public Health Officer continually monitors real-time data and evaluates the need to adjust Health Orders, and/or Criteria including the need to re-close activities.

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