Safely reopening Marin County from COVID-19

Phase I: Slow the Spread

Slowing the spread of the virus protects all of us, avoids overwhelming our local healthcare capacity, and saves lives. We must be prepared to manage the local COVID-19 burden at all times as the pandemic progresses.

You can measure Marin's progress by visiting the Indicators for Progress page.

Criteria for Transition To Phase II:

Sustained surges in COVID-19 cases or hospitalizations will indicate the need for strong shelter in place orders.


Two week averages in case rates are not indicating surge in cases

Status: Accomplished  (view data)


Testing for infection is required for tracking, planning and isolating cases and limiting local transmission.


Testing capacity allows for testing of all symptomatic persons, close contacts of cases, and at risk groups. Estimated need in Marin is 500 to 1,000  tests per day.

Status: Accomplished (view data)

Early isolation of cases and quarantine of their contacts stops chains of virus transmission.


The ability to reach and isolate 90% of cases and quarantine their contacts within 24 hours of diagnosis.

Status: Accomplished*  (view data)

*Contact investigation teams and alternative housing to maintain isolation can meet current demand but need to expand with case volume.

Acute treatment facilities must be able to scale and meet the demand without resorting to crisis standards of care.


Sufficient hospital beds, respiratory equipment, personal protective equipment and staffing for forecast surges.

Status: Accomplished*

*Sufficient capacity at existing medical facilities with expansion plans in place if needed.

Timely data from hospitals, laboratories, emergency medical services and other sources describes important trends and guides strategy.


Real-time data dashboard in place to track local hospitalization rates, incidence of disease at the community level, rates of respiratory illness, and hospital surge capacity.

Status: Accomplished

Businesses, childcare, transportation and other sectors must be prepared to practice safe standards to prevent illness.


Marin Recovers convened and actively supporting development and approval of sector-specific safety plans.

Status: Accomplished

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