Safely reopening Marin County from COVID-19

School Services

Current Status

On July 15, 2020 Public Health announced its recommendation to delay the full return of in-classroom learning. On July 17, 2020, our Governor laid out a Pandemic Plan for Learning and Safe Schools which includes:

  • Safe, in-person instruction as warranted by locally informed data
  • Strong face covering requirements
  • Physical distancing & other health specific adaptations
  • Testing & dedicated contact tracing
  • Rigorous & accessible distance learning

The above plan is based on The Department of Public Health industry guidance for schools and school based programs released on July 17, 2020.

Educational institutions—including public and private K-12 schools, colleges, and universities—for purposes of facilitating distance learning or performing essential functions, or as allowed under subparagraph xxvi of the Public Health Order, are allowed to operate provided that social distancing of six feet per person is maintained to the greatest extent possible.

Reopening Guidelines

The Marin County Office of Education (MCOE) is committed to ongoing collaboration with Marin County schools under the guidance of Marin's Public Health Officers to meet the challenges in delivering high-quality education to our students in the age of COVID-19. To that end, a team of MCOE staff is designing, implementing and sharing protocols, procedures and processes to return to site-based classroom instruction. The MCOE Rethinking Schools Task Force, with the intimate guidance of Public Health, has developed documents, presentations and resources that continue to grow and are available on the website Rethinking Schools: A Public Health Guided Return to Site-Based Classroom Instruction in the Age of COVID-19. These resources are regularly updated as Public Health guidance changes over time. They are available to schools and districts to utilize as guidance to best meet the needs of your students, staff, families and community.

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