Safely reopening Marin County from COVID-19

Arts Sector

Current Status

Arts and art environments that take place indoors or result in large gatherings are generally considered by the State of California to be higher risk and therefore will reopen later. Arts in general take place in a variety of environments in different forms. The Arts Sector Working Group is exploring guidelines for the following arts areas: Live Theater and Symphony; Museums, Galleries and Open Studios; Events (indoor & out); Fairs, Festival and Outdoor Theater; Film (indoor & out); and Dance Schools.

Reopening Guidelines

In the interim, please sign up to receive notifications when business protocols and other information about business reopening is available.

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Group Lead

  • Gabriella Calicchio, Executive Director, Marin Cultural Association

Group Members

  • Kevin Patterson, Red Barn Productions
  • Lesley Currier, Marin Shakes
  • Nancy Rehkopf, Marin MOCA
  • Jasson Minadakis, Marin Theater Company
  • Donna Seager Liberatore, Seager Gray Gallery
  • Beau Blanchard, CFI
  • Lisa Tornes, Tomales Town Hall
  • Stacy Kamp, Marin Art & Garden Center
  • Tod Brody, Marin Symphony
  • Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi, Terra Linda Ceramic Artists
  • Coy Smith, Novato Chamber of Commerce
  • Julie Meyers, City of Sausalito
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