Safely reopening Marin County from COVID-19

Arts & Entertainment


Arts & Entertainment in general take place in a variety of environments in different forms: live theater and symphony; museums, galleries and open studios; indoor and outdoor events; fairs, festivals and outdoor theater; film (indoor & out); family entertainment; and dance schools.

Current Status

Marin’s status on the Blueprint for a Safer Economy means the following Arts & Entertainment-related businesses can operate, with modifications:

  • Amusement Parks – Smaller parks can operate with modifications at maximum capacity of 25% or 500 people, whichever is fewer 
    • Outdoor attractions only 
    • In-county visitors only 
    • Advanced reservations only 
  • Aquariums – can operate indoors at maximum 50% capacity 
  • Art Galleries – can operate indoors at maximum 50% capacity 
  • Drive-In Theaters - can open outdoors 
  • Family Entertainment Centers - can operate indoors for naturally distanced activities with modifications at maximum 25% capacity 
    • Kart Racing 
    • Mini Golf 
    • Batting Cages 
    • Bowling Alleys 
    • Escape Rooms 
  • Movie Theaters - can operate indoors at maximum 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer 
  • Museums - can operate indoors at maximum 50% capacity 
  • Zoos - can operate indoors at maximum 50% capacity 

Unfortunately, the following businesses /operations are still prohibited from operating and should remain closed:

  • Concert & Entertainment Venues 
  • Convention Centers (or Convention-like events) 
  • Festivals 
  • Indoor playgrounds & family entertainment centers (e.g., arcades, ball pits, bounce centers, laser tag) 
  • Live Theater 
  • Night Clubs 
  • Theme Parks (larger parks) 

In general, arts and art environments that result in large gatherings are considered by the State of California to be higher risk and therefore will be unable to resume until a later date.

Reopening Guidelines

Each business much create, adopt and implement a Site Specific Protection Plan (SPP) prior to reopening. The SPP template combines state-level guidance published in the California State Resilience Roadmap and local Marin County public health policies. Arts & Entertainment should follow the guidance below to create a safer environment for workers and patrons.

Incorporate the appropriate industry specific guidelines from the state guidance linked above into the “Business Specific Best Practices” section of your SPP.  When complete, post the SPP in your workplace to show customers and employees that you've reduced the risk of COVID-19 and are open for business.

More Information

As new guidelines become available, this webpage will be updated.   In the interim, please sign up to receive notifications when business protocols and other information about business reopening is available.

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